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Joining Hands with Fashion TV School of Performing Arts

Fashion TV founded in 1996 in France by Michel Adam Lisowski is one of the biggest international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting channel. Currently the channel is being telecasted in more than 190 countries around the world and is the 4th most distributed channel with 500 million household sets globally and owns around 44% share of fashion and lifestyle channels in India.

FTV School of Performing Arts, is a venture of Fashion TV India and is launched in India in 2021 with the aim to recognize and nurture the young talent in India and give them a global platform for fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment industry. FTV under its brand name FTV School of Performing Arts promises quality training to the future generation of fashion and cinema artists enabling them to explore their true unique potential. 

FTV SOPA is offering variety of courses including FTV School of Cinema, FTV School of Photography, FTV School of Event Management, FTV School of Advertisements and PR, FTV School of Fashion Management and FTV School of Fashion Personality Development.

Inviting Investors

FTV School of Performing Arts is inviting investors with a passion to become a leader of fashion and entertainment in your very own city, due to the brand value and recognition of FTV. Associating yourself with SOPA, will give you an opportunity to do business with the leading fashion network, and will also give you various returns. We are looking for investors who are:

  • Sound and financially settled business houses which can invest according to the set standards of FTV in establishing the units.
  • Business Minded people who can analyse latest trends and come up with creative ideas.
  • Experience in terms of fashion, entertainment and education.
  • Proficient in fashion and lifestyle trends, people who have an idea of what’s going on in the field of fashion and entertainment.

Joining Hands with FTV SOPA means that you will be having total guidance and support from our corporate team which includes Pre-Opening as well as Post Opening requisites. Pre-Opening Support includes:

  • Location hunting and Approval
  • Architect, Designs, Layouts
  • Supply of Fashion TV Propriety Products
  • Strategic Planning and Staff Extensive Training and Execution

Post - Opening Support will include

  • 360-degree Brand Support
  • Planning and Execution
  • Launch and PR: Promotion by celebrities and renowned name in the fashion and entertainment industry
  • Promotional Offers: Promotional Offers by the Fashion TV on a global stage
  • Fashion TV sponsorship opportunities
  • Google and website listing

Venturing with FTV is once in a lifetime entrepreneurial opportunity which is going to be a profitable investment from day one. If you are looking to venture with us and set up FTV School of Performing Arts in your city please check our pre-requisites list before shaking hands with us:

  • FTV is looking to establish our unit in AAA prime location of the city only which means that the location should be in city hub where we have other popular outing joints for the youth like near shopping malls, Historical Monuments, Markets etc. It should be one of the major hotspots in the city.
  • Our investors should be financially stable enough to open a unit. Our faculties and trainers are highly trained professionals and have high salary brackets, also celebrity visits and seminars by industry experts are also conducted on centres. So, we require our investors to be financially stable enough to maintain FTV set standards.
  • Our franchisers must have a thorough knowledge of the ongoings of fashion and entertainment and industry. They should be aware of the latest trends in fashion, pop culture, cinema etc.
  • We also require out franchisees to be ambitious. All of our investors should have a deep-rooted desire to be successful in the same field.
  • Entrepreneurs from education background are highly welcomed to venture with us.

FTV SOPA runs media campaigns and collaborations with leading brands which will gain market coverage all over the country. Associating with SOPA, will give you an exposure to leading fashion networks both at national and international levels.