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FTV School of Performing Arts is a part of Fashion TV India and is functioning with the aim to build professionals for fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment industry.

FTV School of Performing Arts is expanding its wings to take in talented, skilled, and potential individuals for various courses. We are offering a range of courses under the various schools of FTV School of Performing Arts, namely- FTV School of Cinema, FTV School of Photography, FTV School of Event Management, FTV School of Advertisement and PR, FTV School of Fashion Management, and FTV School of Fashion Personality Development. The aspirants of these fields can opt for degree, diploma, certificate, or short-term courses, to embark their journey in a successful manner.

Fashion TV was founded in France, in 1997 by Michel Adam Lisowski. It has successfully expanded in over 193 countries all over the world. With 12 channels of 24 hours dedicated to fashion and lifestyle, it has over 2 billion viewers worldwide. Making its mark in India, Fashion TV is a known name among the fashion enthusiasts. With 23 years of existence in the industry, FTV has immensely contributed to connecting global fashion and lifestyle market. FTV has always strived to bring fashion closer to us, and now more than ever. Over the past decades, Fashion TV has organized and held an appreciable number of events under its banner. With such exposure and reach, FTV India has launched FTV School of Performing Arts in the year 2021.


We are working with the aim to develop professionals who can earn their name on national and international fashion and entertainment platforms. FTV School of Performing Arts promises a bright start to the careers of our young aspirants with the scope, exposure and high-standard training and practical experiences it offers.


To identifytalent among the Indian youth for the fashion and entertainment industry and train and polish their skills. To help them provide opportunities to launch their careers successfully and represent India on a Global Forefront.


Providing world class training experience to the aspirants and help them to bringout the best in them. Providing professional training experience and inspire them to excel in every field.

FTV International STANDARDS

FTV School of Performing Arts believes in giving the aspirants high standard training- whether it a degree course or a short-term course. Our way of training is designed in international standards and is highly career-oriented. The methods, the practical and theoretical knowledge, grooming- everything culminates into a high standard training, which will help you launch successfully in the industry. We can ensure you, that our training will open global scope for you, and you will be able to have a winning career in the near future.

  • Learn to build your skills, polish your talents, and showcase them to professionals, all around the globe
  • Participate in learning opportunities through the range of courses we offer and gain the exposure required to either start your career or build your career for reaching newer heights.
  • We will provide you the opportunity to work nationally and internationally during your course programmes.
  • You will get to build and strengthen your networks with our opportunities, support, and training.

Right from receiving training from the industry professionals to working with them for practical experience, you will get exposed to the workings of your desired industry. FTV School of Performing Arts thus offers immense exposure for the aspirants and helps them become one of the best professionals in their field of work.

Our Traning

FTV has been a home to many luxury brands and super models, through our journey of becoming the best we have created an exposure worth sharing. Our connections with super models and exclusive brands will provide the aspirants with a world class exposure. Our training will include theoretical as well as practical knowledge, which will also involve celebrity lectures and excessive field work, this will give the aspirants an experience found nowhere.

Boundaryless knowledge

FTV believes that bookish knowledge is necessary but practical knowledge can beat everything in the room! They will be providing the aspirants with on field experience, and will be a stage to the celebrities for sharing their experience. With the best exposure the aspirants with be provided with an experience that can truly be enlightening. One can only imagine this type of exposure are experience. Knowing the practical and the theoretical part of your dream job is the true essence of attaining boundaryless knowledge, and remember that you are never too old to learn!

Commitment to excellence

Speaking of luxury, as mentioned before Fashion TV has been associated themselves with a huge number of luxury brands, and one sure thing about luxury brands is their commitment to quality service, the same is inhabited by Fashion TV. They believe that excellence is not a habit it is a skill. Fashion TV strives to provide the aspirants with excellent guidance and therefore molding them into being at the apex of their field! FTV School of Performing Arts is a mission to take the talents of India to the global forefront. An institution focused on developing all the relevant skills for the launching and advancement of career, we are here to make the best out of the students.

Our courses

We don’t believe in following the heard we believe in creating new and higher standards. As it has been evident since so many years that, we are the trend setters and boundary breakers! Then why should we leave our courses behind? The courses offered by FTV’s School of Performing Arts are very dynamic and ingenious. We are taking all the bookish knowledge to another level. Our courses will provide the aspirants with in depth learning about the course of choice and on field experience which will help the aspirants to develop a distinctive skillset and along with that it will also help them to have a closer view on the working of the industry. FTV School of Performing Arts believes in giving the aspirants high standard training- whether it’s a degree course or a short-term course. Our way of training, both practical and theoretical are designed with international standards and are highly career oriented.

Our Brand

With our commitment to excellence, a world class exposure we have created an impact on many lives. A door with Fashion TV’s logo on it will always attract people, and this is because of the quality service that we provide to the masses. We as a brand assure the aspirants of a training that is constructive and will shape them in the best way, our motto is to design dreams and we are here to help you mold your future in a way never seen before. Allow us to be a part of your beautiful journey and we will make sure it’s worth it! Our word is our bond.

Brand Associations

A brand associates itself with a company to celebrate the trust vested in the company. Along the tenure of Fashion TV, we have created such an impact on many brands. Fashion tv is associated itself with many luxury brands and one thing we all know about luxury brands is that they strive hard for excellence, and working with these lux brands since a lot of time has made us adapt this virtue of excellence and that is exactly what we are going to provide the aspirants with.

Facts of FTV

  • 500 million Households TV Sets globally
  • World’s 4th Most Distributed Channel
  • 10 million Public Places Globally
  • 65 million views on Fashion TV YouTube channel
  • 5M pageviews on FashionTV.com
  • 4 million followers on Facebook
  • 12 million views per week on Facebook
  • 300K followers on Instagram with 125K organic reach per month

Fashion TV is the biggest fashion media in the world and the only global 24×7 television station focused exclusively on fashion, beauty, trends, and lifestyle. It is a global multimedia network leader in fashion and lifestyle content, broadcasting to over 60 satellites in SD, HD, and 3D, 530+ TV platforms, mobiles, IPTV, smart TVs, and smartphones.